Financial Literacy Part 1: College Students

You may think that college is too early to begin to understand the basics of Financial Literacy. The truth is, waiting until after college would be too late. Developing good financial habits in college will set you up for fiscally responsible living in the future. In Part One of our Financial Literacy series, we discuss some basic best practices to implement right away!

Financial Literacy 101

You should wait until after college to learn the basics of Financial Literacy, when you have more time and money.
A good way to create a budget is to first make a list of all your income and expense amounts.
You should avoid using cash as it may get you into trouble.
Your emergency fund should ideally cover how long of living expenses?
Building good credit now can pay off in the future.
Some credit cards offer favorable terms for students.
As long as you pay some of your bills on time your credit should remain very good.
You will want to look for a savings account with: