International Students: Visa Process and Time Frame

The United States visa process can be a confusing path to map out. From CPT vs. OPT to deadlines and conditions, the process sees upwards of 80% of international students returning home to their countries after graduation. The best way to land in the 20% that find successful employment is to fully understand the process from start to finish!

International Students

Which of the following is required in order for an international student to enroll in a U.S. college?
What does a CPT allow students to do?
Which of the following allows students to live and work in The United States for up to six years?
International students can wait 2 to 3 years after they graduate to find a job before being sent back to their home country.
For international students, freshman year typically is an opportunity to
Working multiple short internship in different settings can help you become familiar with the different American work cultures.